We have worked for over four decades to build the EKI brand and it rates high in the industry for quality, consistency and brand awareness. Your own business strategy may suggest the need to establish and drive your own brand of chemicals or laboratory product lines. Our Brand Awareness or Branded Chemicals program offers you a wider selection of products to help establish your brand from our wide array of products and formulas. A superior label control program tracks the most current approved version, updates for DOT and other regulatory needs while providing real-time, short notice capability.

Our manufacturing facility maintains strict security controls to prevent competitive sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. That's why some of the largest sellers and brands rely on EKI to manufacture their products and maintain their product pipelines. In some cases, we sell EKI branded product to distributors that also sell their own brand of products manufactured and packaged by EKI.

EKI also offers many special services to meet your needs from kit assembly to special order combinations, package engineering to graphics support. You can also rely on us to make certain your custom destination logistics requirements are met.

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