We know we are not the only company with a great set of formulas but we do have a long, enviable record of product quality, manufacturing, packaging and logistics. We even have a division that can handle smaller manufacturing needs and pilot orders. We will make your product, your formula and ship it for you, when you want it and where you want it to go - on time!

While most of our manufacturing volume is in the liquid products and chemicals realm, we do handle a number of powder based products as well. Color is an important strength of our lab. From water based to hazardous materials, our facility is designed to accommodate your needs.

The timing, scheduling and control of your contract, moving from scheduled orders through the logistics of distribution are a particular strength for EKI, providing you with assurances of product in quantity on time at your required destination. Each contract has a scheduled time frame that starts a procurement procedure in motion, tied with a manufacturing window, testing and verification process and targeted ship date. Our production floor tanks and filling lines are scheduled accordingly for an efficient cost profile for your products.

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