From our beginning back in 1976, to the EKI of today, the company has evolved to its premier position in the industry. Family owned and operated with all manufacturing performed in the United States, EKI works in one simple cycle - Customer -> Innovate -> Quality -> Customer. This is the basis for our ongoing success as a manufacturer providing solutions for our customers and producing the best product to maintain a competitive advantage.

EKI has not strayed far from those original roots. Chemicals and reagents for the clinical/laboratory markets as well as provisions for the industrial testing laboratories still make up the bulk of our daily operations. Our production facility and filling lines are busy as a direct result of our own laboratory and the primary areas of focus in our lab:

  • QA/QC lab
  • Production lab

When you do something right, you grow. EKI is in its third facility and is making plans for another in the next 12 months. More space, more room to grow and better control over a production floor that produces over 400 products in 1400 packages. This evolution will continue to allow for an increase in the private label and contract manufacturing side of our business as well, adding more automation, increasing raw material storage and controlling workflow. Since the lab continues to increase its output, new design and workflow will benefit our customers and their needs.

Science remains an important ingredient at EKI, science that benefits people and provides solutions for our customers. Our scientists have been the foundation for our growth and remain the innovative edge we rely on to not only make the best chemical products but to open the door to your need for innovation tomorrow.

Our Focus

As we begin our drive to 2020, quality, innovation and continuous improvement to benefit our customer remain our primary focus. Some basic lab supplies never seem to change so we continue to provide you with reagents, buffers, acids, stains, titrants and high purity water. The automated lab has increased demand for newer variations and materials for newer tests, all part of the EKI product line.

When you are a customer centric manufacturer, your focus is really only in one direction.